Hervey Bay Web design

Hervey Bay Web design

Hervey Bay Seo is here to make your web presence easy and affordable. We offer everything to get your site up and running in a short time. Custom made graphics, search engine optimization, animation’s, custom navigation bars/buttons and digital images are some basic items we offer. More advanced items such as E-Commerce and Flash movies are done on an individual basis.

By first going through our web design checklist, you will save on your costs by knowing, in advance, what we need to get you started. Secondly, with our state of the art software and professional web designers, your new or updated web site will make an impact on your business. Finally we will assist you in making any changes or updating your site at very reasonable rates. This is done to insure your web site will stay up-to-date and change as your business grows.

Looking for an advanced team to build a site for you?

Whether it is a personal site or an advertising site, a new site or a redesign, our team will be glad to take the challenge. If you know exactly what you want, or you do not, we’ll take care of it for you. We are experienced designers, and we will help you get the appeal that you want. If you need images, we’ll take them if we have to. Or if it is a scanned picture we will have no problem. Maybe you have seen something you enjoyed using at another site. You will be able to have that on yours.

Check the Client list to see what we have accomplished in the past.

We specialize in custom complete web packages for the (soon to be or already) successful internet entrepreneur. Be it Flash animation, java scripting, graphic design or web promotions Hervey Bay Seo has been the company of choice for many now successful internet based companies. We have worked with secure merchant sites, multi level marketing sites, commercial real estate sites, travel sites even car sale sites.

When will my design be ready ?

Have you contracted with another company with the idea that your internet solution will be on-line in 2 to 3 weeks only to find that 6 months later you still don’t have what you paid for? That does not happen at Hervey Bay Seo, as we only agree to do what we know we can achieve. Our average turn around time is 3 weeks on most projects and includes promotion ready optimized pages. We have found it is better to be without, than have a dissatisfied client.
Our specialties include the ability to produce high quality graphic laden pages that load in under 30 seconds, on-line stores that meld into the web site, so the surfer doesn’t realize that they have left the site and are in the store, web promotions that work, giving you the client top level ranking in ALL the major search engines, and custom solutions to the cookie cutter world that has become the internet.

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