SEO And Keywords

SEO And Keywords

In a perfect cyber-world, each time a potential customer asks a search engine about your product, company, or industry, your site appears at the top of the results list. Alas, the unpredictable nature of search engine algorithms means that you are unlikely to achieve this perfection anytime soon. But you can increase your site’s visibility with well-chosen marketing keywords.

Search engines send “spiders” or “robots” to evaluate your pages for their relevance to various search terms. One of the most important things these agents look at is the “keywords” Title tag. This tag lets you tell search engines what your site is about. So, if you have included the keyword phrase “Hervey Bay Web Design” in your Title tag and someone goes to google and searches for “Hervey Bay Web Design,” then your page is likely to appear high in the search results, As long as your page’s theme is about that keyword term.

Obviously, selecting the right keywords is important. Begin by brainstorming all of the words that can be used to describe your products, your business, and your industry. More to the point, try to figure out all of the words that prospective customers might use when they come looking for you. Use very specific key words that name you and your products as well and your industry. Search engines limit the number of keywords use no more than 15 words or multiple-word phrases.

Your Online Market Place

Isn’t a Web site just a glorified brochure? No! And that kind of approach to a Web site will end up being its demise. Web sites are 24-hour interactive sales centre’s, which can and should do far more than just tell the story of your company.

It should make doing business with you easier for your customers by having features such as the ability to track orders, a step-by-step how-to-use; cross- merchandising section (create ways to upsell your clients),automatic cost calculators, and an interactive customer service centre (which will reduce your labour costs). Sections such as New Products/Services or Inventory Clearance can do wonders to generate revenue.

We don’t have the in-house technical expertise to maintain a Web site you say?. In today’s world, the internet is the popular buzz word. Don’t worry about having to add more staff just to keep up your web site, it will add a whole new business model for you.

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