Advanced Marketing

Advanced Marketing

Maybe you’d like to take your marketing plan one step further. We offer a variety of advanced marketing options to help expand the image of your business. While we specialize in Emarketing, we do appreciate the importance of print advertising. We provide COMPLETE solutions for you advertising needs.

No two clients have the same business plan, therefore we work with you individually to ensure your marketing success. Some of Hervey Bay SEO’s advanced marketing options:

Banner advertising and exchange programs.
Targeted email marketing.
SEM marketing

Like all our other services, at Hervey Bay SEO, we don’t think you should need to be a marketing expert, to advertise your business online. We work with the industries best online marketing companies to provide affordable solutions with a high profile presence. Our marketing efforts focus on targeting those consumers that will want to USE what you’re offering.

Understanding Ecommerce

While the layers of ecommerce go much deeper than need be expressed here, let’s look at the basics. On the surface, to sell products online you are creating a “web” accessible database that integrates with your business web page. Theoretically, you are simply allowing customers to view your complete database and pick and choose what they want to purchase.

The process gets more complicated when you understand that the “web” doesn’t speak the same language as we do. It simply can’t read your product database. We create an interface or method with which your customers can interact with your products.

This interface, sometimes referred to as a shopping cart, organizes your product data into a comprehensible form. Similarly, it allows users to access the product information for purchase.

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